Failed to create a card in Pipefy: Error in the "contractor's CNPJ" field: Invalid CNPJ value

  • 28 February 2024
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I am integrating Econodata with Pipefy through Zapier.
When we select a company in Econodata, a card is automatically created in Pipefy.

The automation works if I leave the CNPJ field out, but I need this field.

In Pipefy, the field format is "Document → CNPJ" and when trying to import this data, Zapier returns the image alert:

Does anyone have any tips?

I added variables to remove special characters and it still didn't work.


[ PT-BR version ]

Eu estou integrando o Econodata com o Pipefy através do Zapier.
No momento que selecionamos uma empresa no Econodata, é criado um card automaticamente no pipefy. 

A automação funciona se eu deixar o campo CNPJ de fora, porém eu preciso desse campo.

No pipefy o formato do campo é "Documento → CNPJ" e na tentativa de importar esse dado, o Zapier retornna o alerta da imagem:

Alguém tem alguma dica?

Eu adicionei variaveis para remover os caracteres especiais e mesmo assim não resolveu. 



4 replies

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Hi @George Beltrame 

For us to have more context, we will need to see screenshots with how the step is configured, along with any field descriptions.

Hi Troy, hope to find you well!

Ok, here is the Econodata screen, when an employee selects the desired company and clicks to export (create the card in pipefy)


Here the Trigger and Action


This image refers to the trigger test (working). The item highlighted in red is the one that is causing the problem.


Here is an image of two fields in the pipefy filling form.
What is marked in green is a simple text field (if I put the information in this field, the automation works)

If I put it in the field marked in red (which is the field where I need the information), it doesn't work



Here is the action to create the card

Here is an example of the card created​​​​


I did a different test now, I didn't run the Zapier step test, I just published the automation and guess what, it worked.
The problem appears to be in the Zapier test step process.


I'll carry out some more tests and if anything happens I'll let you know here

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@George Beltrame 

Observation, the field types are different as indicated by the field icons, so that may be why it’s not working as expected.