Facebook Leads only sends email addresses to Mailchimp and not populating first name/last name.

  • 23 April 2023
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Hello - I currently have a Zap for FB lead ads to MailChimp.  The issue I am having is that it is only sending email addresses to MailChimp and not populating first name/last name.  I currently have 250 leads in MailChimp with only email addresses. 

How do I fix this going forward and is it possible to populate the existing contacts in MailChimp with first name/last name - WITHOUT doing it manually.  Minimum of first name is important for email sequencing.

When this was tested, it seemed to populate fine, so I am not certain why it isn’t working with actual leads from FB.   

Any help would be appreciated!



4 replies

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Hi @SWhite 

You need to setup email templates in Mailchimp to include contact’s first name, Zapier only adds the contact whereas Mailchimp personalizes + sends the email. You can however send email from your Gmail to those contact with first name in the email’s greetings.

Thank you - but I do have a journey email setup for these new contacts in MailChimp that sends as soon as the lead hits MailChimp.   I also have my FB lead ad form that includes first/last name and have corresponding fields in MailChimp subscriber list - that’s why I am confused first/last name are not populating on the zap.


What about all the contacts that do not have first/last name populated in Mailchimp?  How can I get those into MailChimp?  I downloaded the leads from FB and the first/last names are there, they just need to get populated in MailChimp now. 



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Hi @SWhite 

Regarding first/last name...

Facebook Lead Ads gives me the full lead name, but I need first and last separately

Facebook Lead Ads forms use the field Full name as a default. If you'd like to have first and last name separately:

  • Change the Lead Ads form to include First name and Last name fields, instead of Full name.
  • Or, if you prefer not to change your form, you can use a Formatter by Zapier step to split the full name into two parts.
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Mailchimp help article about how to import contacts: