Facebook Lead Conversion Not Initizalizing

Stucked on this step but as I send a test via Zapier it detects parameter and event


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CRM is Zoho

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Hi @Sygen -

I would love to help you with this! Can you please provide some additional context regarding the issue you are experiencing? Background information regarding set up and your end goal are often helpful to diagnosing problems we see with Zaps. 

Hi, My Issue is Facebook does not initialize the events I sent that came from a CRM. I already did send a CRM event but it does not go to step 3 “Wait for 7 days of CRM events”. I would want to use zapier for Conversion Leads objectives on Facebook lead campaign

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Ahh I understand, @Sygen from the additional context you provided, and your screenshots, I believe this is better suited for Facebook or Zoho Support. In the Community, we can only assist with issues within your Zap or problems connecting to your Zap. 

Am I correct in my understanding that you have not yet incorporated this into the Zap because of the above issues you noted with the CRM? If no, please advise so we can go back to the drawing board on this!