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Facebook lead conversion missing parameters

As per the instructions on getting lead events in Facebook, I’ve successfully triggered them. However, parameters are missing from the payload…namely lead_event_source and event_source

I’ve followed the instructions exactly and even checked my payload from Zapier matches the one for the Facebook integration. Unsure what the issue is but I cannot proceed without it.


Best answer by ken.a 27 April 2023, 16:38

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Hi @designedbyiman 

Welcome to the Community! I'm sorry you’re having trouble with your Zap.

Have you selected the most recent sample trigger from the Facebook trigger step?

Thanks Brem - appreciate the quick response.

Yes, in fact I have sent 4 transactions through and they all appear find.

The only thing missing is the parameters.

Here is an example on the Zapier side...


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Hi there @designedbyiman,

After some investigation, it appears that you've encountered a known bug with the Facebook Conversions "Send Funnel Event" action, where certain parameters are missing in the payload. Our team is collaborating with Facebook on a fix. I've added your email address to our list of affected users.

While we don't have an estimated time for when the bug will be resolved, we'll keep you updated on any progress made via email. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to fix this problem.

I apologize for the inconvenience this bug may have cause you. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We’re always happy to help! 🤗

Thanks @ken.a - really appreciate the quick turnaround on this…

Can you also look into my comment above wherein the new lead didn’t trigger the zap?

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Hi @designedbyiman,

You are most welcome!

I have created a new topic for the issue you raised about the new lead not triggering the Zap. This is because it is a separate issue with another Zap you have. I have replied to the issue in this post:

We can continue troubleshooting the issue on that post.

Thanks! 😊

Hi @ken.a 

I’m having this some parameters issue since May. I’m sending the Event_id and External_id, but they are arriving on Facebook as information fields not parameters, so de deduplications it’s not possible. 

It’s something regarding with this bug that you mentioned? 



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Hi @marinadelrio,

I looked into this for you, and it seems like this is in-line with this bug. That said, I have added you to the open bug report as another affected member. While we can’t provide an exact timeframe on when this bug will get fixed. We will keep you in the loop via email or on this thread once it is.

Thank you for your understanding.

Is this still an issue?  If so, can you also add my email address to be notified when it gets resolved?

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Hi @arothberg-nh,

I have added you as another affected member to the open bug report. We will keep you in the loop via email once there’s an update.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Unfortunately, I'm experiencing the same issue today, where some fields are correctly included and others are not. This is very unfortunate. If possible, would it be possible to add my email address to be notified when the issue is resolved?

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I’m so sorry to hear that @detron. I’ve added you to the list of folks being impacted by this issue. We can’t give any sort of timeline on when you can expect a fix to be implemented but we’re be sure to notify you as soon as it is! 🙂

Hello colleagues! Finally, was there a solution? I am experiencing the same problem

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Hi @Giinogue,

I have added you as another affected member to the open bug report. We will keep you updated via email once the bug has been fixed.

I appreciate your patience and understanding.