Facebook Image Embedding Issue: Image not embedded, redirects to imgbb

  • 19 November 2023
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I would like to enable Zapier to post on Facebook daily. I have created a Google Sheet with a header; Column A is for the date, B for the description, and C for the image name, which will eventually include the URL. The trigger is set for daily at 8 AM. The issue is that while the text posts without any problem, the image does not appear.

My initial setup was via Google Drive. I allowed Zapier to identify the image on Google Drive, but the picture could not be posted. After some research, I learned that Facebook might not allow images from Drive to be posted because the links are not direct but only for viewing. Can you confirm this?

My second attempt involved uploading the pictures to a file hosting service like imgbb and adding the URL to my sheet. Now, the image is being posted below the Facebook post and description, but it is not embedded in Facebook. Clicking on it redirects to imgbb, and people can't comment on or like the image.

Question: Is embedding images directly into Facebook posts something Zapier can achieve?

2 replies

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Can be closed I managed..

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That's fantastic news @tobiasreaper ! I'm really glad to hear that you managed to resolve the issue.

Do you think you could share the solution here? It'd be a huge help for our amazing Community members who might encounter a similar issue in the future.

Thanks a bunch! 😊