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Facebook Groups “We couldn't find an item” error

  • 9 January 2022
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Hi! I’m trying to connecting an FB group for which I’m the admin to the corresponding Instagram.  I can see the group and select it but when I try to create post I receive this message:

“We couldn't find an item Create an item in your Facebook Groups account and test your trigger again” 

even after creating test posts in the group o continue to get this sane message.  Any ideas hue I can fix this? TYIA! 


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2 replies

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Hi @frédériquecb7 

Have you reviewed the available help articles for using FB Groups in Zaps?

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Not sure if you’ve sorted this already @frédériquecb7 but thought I’d pop in here to post an answer in case you or anyone else is still running into this issue. 

Normally if we’re unable to pull in a sample from Facebook Groups it’s due to the permissions being incorrect. You mentioned that the account you’ve connected to is already an admin so it’s likely that the Zapier app itself hasn’t been added to the group and granted the necessary permissions.

To fix that I’d recommend following the instructions outlined here: How to fix it. Then you’ll want to reconnect or add a new app connection to ensure we’re connecting with the updated permissions. Once that’s sorted you should be able to pull in a sample from Facebook Groups. :slight_smile: