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Facebook Groups app is asking me to connect to pages to unlock permissions

  • 24 October 2022
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i am an admin on the company’s facebook group and am trying to set up a zap that sends a slack notification when a new post is added to the group discussion. When connecting to the facebook group account I can connect to the group successfully, however the next step asks me to connect to a page (see image below). 

When I click next, the only option I have available is to post content into the group, everything else is greyed out unless I go back and add a page. Is this the only permission available for groups specifically? Because it doesn’t seem to support the trigger, New Post: Triggers when a new status is added to a group's feed.



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9 replies

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Hey there, @KajabiAccount! Thanks for reaching out with this and the screenshots.

These permissions look to be accurate! Groups and Pages are two different things in Facebook. So while you’ve given the app permission to post content in the Group, with no Page linked, it’s not able to provide permissions for that.

Does it allow you to select “Done” and begin testing the triggers/actions? Let us know! 🙂


Hi @christina.d yes, it allows me to click done and test. Here’s the error I receive when testing.

Failed to fetch a new post from Facebook Groups

Error while retrieving: Unable to retrieve postings from the selected group. Please check the settings within the group, and verify that the Zapier application has access to the group's posts.

I just posted in the group discussion as well so should have a fresh sample available.

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@KajabiAccount I’m having this same EXACT issue and I can’t figure it out.

I’ve tried it on a public group, a private group…

They are all connected.  I am the creator of all 3 groups.

I’m wondering if there’s a setting inside Facebook we need to enable...

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Hey there @KajabiAccount and @RStern, for this I would recommend opening up a ticket with our Support team so they can have a 1:1 look at your account and see what’s going on! 

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Thanks @chanelle 

I actually had submitted a ticket on Friday (after hours) or Saturday.

Got my reply yesterday and I’m excited to say it’s been fixed.


@KajabiAccount You need to go into your Group Settings, and scroll down to Apps.

Activate “Zapier” and it’ll start to work.

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Hey @RStern just wanted to say thank you for coming back and letting us know how you got your issue fixed, this will be super helpful for other members of our Community who may be searching for a similar issue in the future :) 

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@Rachael S My absolute pleasure.  

Hi @all,

I still have this issue.

Can anyone tell how to fix it?

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Here there @JuliaSchue , can you maybe share a few printscreens of where you’re running into problems (with any personal info removed!). As a heads up above in the thread, you may need to reach out and start up a ticket with our Support team if you have a specific issue we aren’t able to help you with here, but we’ll try our best 😅. 


Thanks- Rachael