Error while activating Zap: A valid draft for Zap was not found

  • 20 February 2023
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Ya me encuentro hace varios dias intentando activar un nuevo zap, pero cada vez que intento activarlo me genera el sigueinte error “ERROR AL ACTIVAR ZAP: No se encontro un borrador valido para Zap” verifico que no quede nada pendiente por guardar o algun campao que falte por completar pero todo esta correctamente deligenciado. ¿ alguien sabe por que motivo este error? o que puedo hacer para que mi zap quede activo.

3 replies

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Translated to English…

Zap Activation

I have been trying to activate a new zap for several days, but every time I try to activate it, it generates the following error "ERROR WHILE ACTIVATING ZAP: A valid draft for Zap was not found" I verify that there is nothing pending to save or any field that Missing to complete but everything is correctly designated. Does anyone know why this error? or what can I do to make my zap stay active.

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Hi @GuillermoMC 

Good question.

Some things to try...

  • You can try cloning the Zap, then trying to turn the Zap ON.
  • You can try rebuilding the Zap as a new Zap.
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Hi @GuillermoMC! I wanted to stop in and see if you were still experiencing this error? 

I also wanted to share this help article as well just in case it’s useful!

Let us know! 🤗