Error S003 - Live Version Count Limit: Cap of 5 Live Zaps

  • 21 February 2024
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Hi Team,


We've encountered error S003 - Live Version Count Limit, indicating a cap of 5 live production versions for our Zaps. Are there higher plans available that support multiple versions? 

Could you please provide further information on any available options or plans that would enable us to manage an unlimited number of versions for our application within Zapier? Additionally, if there are alternative strategies or best practices you can recommend for managing version control within Zapier, we would greatly appreciate your insights.



Karthick R

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4 replies

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Hi @Karthick 

Which apps are you using in your Zaps? (screenshots)

Hi Troy,

I am asking about doubts regarding promoting versions, not about Zaps. Currently, My integrations have 5 versions, with only one being public and the remaining four being private. All versions have active users and Zap counts. After promoting the 5th version, there are some statistics that show as seen in the screenshot below.

Is there any way to manage an unlimited number of versions without migrating users?



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If you are building a Zap app on the Zapier Developer Platform, then it’s probably best to post in the Developer Zone Category.

@Troy Tessalone , Thanks for your help. Let me post this question in the Developer Zone community.