Error - REST API help - FB Lead Ads to Paid Zoom Webinar Registrant HELP

  • 18 February 2023
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I typically set up my Zaps, like this: FB LEad Ads to Zoom and then Zoom to Convertkit.

Now, that I'm doing a paid webinar (before now I've only done free) - do I need a third Zap for Paypal to Zoom or what? I just don't get it how - please help. 

I've got three going now and don't think they're making any sense. Continuously getting these same errors. 


Error Reading: 

The app returned "The Zoom REST API does not support paid registration.".

3 replies

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Hi @JLW, welcome to the Community! 👋

Does the Facebook Lead Ads form take payment for the webinar? If not, I wonder if the error occurred as the Zap was trying to add registrants to the paid webinar that haven’t paid yet. 

If that’s the case, you’d need to have the Zap trigger when a payment for the webinar is taken. So if the payments are made through PayPal then you’d want the Zap to use the PayPal Successful Sale trigger instead. That way the Zap should only attempt to add registrants that have already paid.

Can you give that a try and let us know whether that works as hoped?

Tried this. Don’t totally get how to organize my Zaps this way. 

Here's my Zoom webinar registration page:

As you can see, people register and pay here. This part works fine.


It's once I add ZAP that everything goes wonky. And NOBODY can register. 


So, what Zaps do I need to have set up and how - so we can get this up and working today, please?


With unpaid I always did:

FB Leads Ads to Zoom

Zoom to Convertkit


Where do I now insert Paypal and how please? If I need to … so confused.




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Sorry about the delay in replying here, @JLW!  

It looks like you were able to get some assistance from our Support team in the meantime. I’m not sure whether you’ve seen their latest reply but thought I’d share it here just in case:

“According to the info in Zoom's documentation, if you want to create registrants for paid webinars, the trigger has to be a paid processing app. 
Without it, it's likely that you'll continue to see the same error as you did before: The Zoom REST API does not support paid registration.
If you want to continue using Facebook Lead Ads as the trigger, this will only work for free webinar registrations, not paid ones.
If you're interested in using the Paypal trigger, I'll be happy to troubleshoot this with you, but you'll first want to ensure you can receive the payments in Paypal so we can proceed.”

So it looks like you could only use the Facebook Lead Ads app as the trigger for free webinars. As you’d need to use the app that processes the payment to trigger the Zap for those paid webinars. If users were signing up from a Facebook Lead Ads form that isn’t connected to a payment processor (like PayPal) to collect the payment then you wouldn’t be able to use Facebook Lead Ads as the trigger here as it would be attempting to add people to the webinar that haven’t paid. 

On the Zoom webinar registration form you shared it looks like PayPal is the app that would be processing the payments, so for that paid webinar you’d need to set up a Zap using the following trigger and actions:

  • Trigger: Successful Sale (Paypal) triggers when someone registers and the payment is successfully received.
  • Action: Only continue if (Filter by Zapier) This is optional but if you’re running signups for multiple paid webinars at the same time I’d recommend adding it. The filter will check which webinar was paid for so that the Zap will only add them to the webinar if it’s a match for the one specified in the filter. With that you’d need to have multiple copies of this Zaps - one for each of the paid webinars.
  • Action: Zoom: Create Webinar Registrant (Zoom) adds the registrant to the paid webinar.

That will ensure that when someone pays for a webinar the Zap can then add them to the correct one. If you’ve not worked with filters before you can find out more about how to set them up here: Add conditions to Zaps with filters

I hope that helps to clarify things. Please do keep us in the loop on how you get on with this! 🙂