Error parsing response when updating Google Contact from Google Sheets

  • 13 December 2023
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I have a club roster in a google sheet and have set up a zap to update or add contact in Google Contacts when information is changed or added in the Google Sheet.  The first two steps work (1. New or Updated Row in Google Sheet, 2. Find Contact in Google Contacts and Create New Contact if none exists).  I’m getting an error message for the 3rd step (Update Contact in Google Contacts).  I don’t understand the error message or how I find out exactly where/what the error is:

Failed to create an updated contact in Google Contacts

Error parsing response. We got: "<!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=en> <meta charset=utf-8> <meta name=viewport content="initial-scale=1"

 I wish error messages were translated to plain, non-tech language!  This is where “no code” tools like Zapier fail to be useful for the average person :-/ 

3 replies

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Hi @MKB Design 

Please post screenshots with how your Zap step 3 is configured to give us context.


The actions in Step 5 are exactly the same as in Step 2.  Since Step 2 is to “find and create if not found”, I assumed I needed an additional step to “find and update if found”.  I just added the date formatting for birthdays since maybe the format in my google sheet was a problem.  I only list Month and Day since some people don’t want the year listed.  When is didn’t have Steps 3 & 4, Step 5 still failed.

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@MKB Design 

We would need to see screenshots with how Zap step 5 is configured.