Error: No trigger present in ZDL

I set up a zap through the new ChatGPT plugin, connected my email, but am having issues with a “No trigger present in ZDL error” when trying to scrape google alerts form my inbox.


Email is connected, label is correct I believe, but am still getting this error.  Any ideas? 

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Hi there @KloserWB,

Before we dive deeper, could you please do me a favor and share a full screenshot of how your Zap is configured? Specifically, I'm interested in seeing the details of the first step of your Zap. It would be great if the screenshot could capture the setup similar to this example:

(view larger)

(view larger)

Please don't include personal information in the screenshot, or be sure blur out any personal information.

Thanks! 😊

Thanks for the help.  Here are the screen shots


LMK if you need anything else, but this is where the test is failing

@ken.a  any word on this?

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Thanks for sharing those, @KloserWB!

Can you share how the label query is written in your action setup?

There’s a quick blurb on how to write queries here but one good way to verify is seeing how the label appears in the Google search bar when clicked.

So when written your query may actually look like: label:google-alert---weekly-digest

Once that’s confirmed can you retest your action and let us know if the error still appears? 🙂

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Hey there! I wanted to swing back and mention this error was caused by a bug in the Editor that’s been fixed since this thread was started. 

@KloserWB regarding this zap specifically can you outline the specific workflow you were looking to achieve? That may help us get a better idea of recommendations. It sounds like you were looking to build a zap that may have started out like this:

  • Trigger - (New or Updated Spreadsheet Row) Google Sheets
  • Action - (Find Email) Gmail
  • Action - ???

Does that sound right? If so, I might recommend starting from scratch and building a new zap confirming those are triggers/actions you’re selecting in the editor.

Apologies for the confusion and keep us posted with any other questions you have! 🙂

Thank you!  Yes, I was looking to take daily or weekly google alerts being sent to my email, pull appropriate data and import it into a spreadsheet based on the predefined fields.  From there I wanted to push it into an email sequence.