Error: GoogleDocsV2API object has no attribute 'raise_for_status'

  • 13 December 2022
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I´m trying to make zapier create a document from text but recieves the error message: GoogleDocsV2API object has no attribute 'raise_for_status'

I have done similar Zaps before with Docs - but have not seen this error before.

Anyone have any suggestions for solving this?


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6 replies

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Hi @Frederik Jorgensen 


Can you please share some screenshots of the zap so we can identify the problem? 

Hi this is happening for us as well. I have attached a screenshot, of the issue. This just started happening, we haven’t modified the zap in quite some time. 



+1 here, as well.  I’m trying to save an email to Google Docs just like this thread recommends, but it’s not working.  Perhaps the Google Docs API was updated if this bug is so fresh?

For reference, here’s a screenshot of the zap I’m trying to create:


I have the same issue with a task that has run smoothly since 2021. Yesterday/today, it stopped working with the error message: 'GoogleDocsV2API' object has no attribute 'raise_for_status'. 

I have the same issue for a zap that has been working since July 2022. When I replayed the zap, some were successful while some had the issue “Required field "Document Name" (title) is missing.”  for event “Find a Document in Google Docs” even though the title was there. 


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Hi all! Looks like folks are running into a bug that we identified a few days prior:


It may be best to reach out to folks in Support to confirm, and you can submit a ticket any time by going here: