Error from Slack: User not found

  • 28 June 2023
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Hey Zappier Community!!


Hope you all are doing good:)


I created the following Zap & the issue is it is running all perfectly except the step#8 Invite user to slack channel. 

I am unable to figure out the reason because when I check the logs, the error says “User not found” but I am having no issues with steps #4/5/6/7 which are actually concerned with finding the users.

Can someone please help me here? On what could be the issue?



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Hello there, @RenuJ! 🙂

Ah, it looks like there’s multiple user IDs entered into the Users field on step 8 but they seem to have been all added into a single field. I suspect it’s erroring as it’s reading all 4 user IDs as a single ID number and can’t find any user with an ID that matches that. 

You’d need to select the Custom value option and add each of the IDs supplied by steps 4-7 separately. For example:

Whenever you add a value a Users field, another field will automatically appear for you to add an additional user ID into.

Can you try separating the user IDs out into separate fields then test the action again to see if it then is able to invite the users to the channel without error?

Keen to ensure you’re all set here so please keep us updated on how that goes!