Error: Failed to find a spreadsheet row in Google Sheets

  • 31 January 2023
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Hi. I have two separate Google Sheets.  Lets call them Parent Sheet and Child Sheet

When I update a particular column/row on the Parent Sheet, I also want to update that same column/row on the Child sheet.  My sheets have a unique identifier on each row that will tie the data between sheets together.  Lets call that column My Unique ID.

In Zapier, I’ve played with the Lookup Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets Zap and can’t figure out how to dynamically find the same row (using My Unique ID value) I’m modifying in the Parent sheet, in the Child sheet. I know it has to be something silly I’m missing. 

In this Zap I see options for Lookup Column, Lookup Value, Supporting Lookup Column, and Supporting Lookup Value.  I’m not sure how to dynamically put references from my Parent Sheet here to find the corresponding row in the Child sheet.

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks all

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3 replies

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Hi @ekaufman 

Good questions.

For clarity and context, please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured, thanks.


In this Zap I see options for:

Lookup Column: select the desired column that has the unique id from the dropdown list

Lookup Value: map a variable from a previous step that contains the unique id

Supporting Lookup Column: likely can ignore

Supporting Lookup Value: likely can ignore

@Troy Tessalone Thanks.  Adding some screenshots below.  

So in my Lookup Value, I’m using my URL column which is the unique ID that ties the two sheets together.  However, when I set it up like this and test, the error I get is Required field “Lookup Value” (lookup_value) is missing.  I’m not sure what to change next to get it to work.




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The Zap step is returning an error when you test because the example record data from step 1 is empty for the URL field, bu the Lookup Value expects a value to be provided.

Help article about how to change your trigger test data: