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Error: Failed to create an account in NeonCRM. The app returned “404”

  • 23 November 2022
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Running the zap to push new account to neon CRM. However the account is not getting created and throwing 404 error. We cross checked that we are passing all required fields in correct format. Could anyone please suggest what’s wrong here.

Note - We observed that in  Neon CRM developer APi documentation , First name and Last name are required fields but it is missing in mapping fields in zap trigger event.



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Hi @Mary Britto 

Good question.

Please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured along with the encountered error in order for us to have context, thanks.

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Hi @Troy Tessalone,

We want to transfer our application data to Neon CRM using zap.We are using “Create Account” Event of Neon CRM.

Firstly we mapped some fields of our Event with Neon CRM fields and ran test .It gave error message “Failed to create an account in NeonCRM. The app returned "404"

Then I removed all mapping and kept Accounttype value as Individual as this Accounttype only required field in this event and then i ran test. still it is giving same error message.

attaching detailed screenshot of configuration and error message.

Please Note - In screenshot below, I have just mapped Accountype and rest fields I kept as it it because account type is only required field. Before that I also tried mapping of other fields or assigning hardcoded values but still it was giving same error message  


and one more thing , I also checked neon CRM Api documentation in their website below.

I observed in their api ,they are expecting first name and last name  .But in zapier we dont have any fields to map to first name and last name.


Please guide us on this. 




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Hi @Mary Britto 


This seems like a bug that you need to report to Zapier Support here


Meanwhile, you can use Webhooks by Zapier to create this workflow. You need to first get the Session ID[API KEY]&login.orgid=[ORG ID]

Then use this sessionID in the Create individual Account endpoint[session id]&individualAccount.primaryContact.firstName=Jennifer&individualAccount.primaryContact.lastName=Example


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We are not using web hooks/Rest Hooks, we are using polling, so is anybody looking into this issue zapier helpdesk or support team?

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Hey there, @Mary Britto! Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you’re still running into this. 😔

I can see you were able to open a ticket with my teammates in support, which is perfect. Were you able to see their response from 1/24? If you're not, please check your spam/junk folder in case it’s ended up there by mistake. 

If it's not there I’d recommend searching your whole email inbox for emails ending in ‘’. 🙂
 We’d recommend continuing the troubleshooting process there but please keep us in the loop with any solutions ya’ll come up with together. We definitely want to make sure you’re all squared away here.

@Mary Britto have you found a solution? I’m experiencing the same!