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Error: Failed to create a subscriber in AWeber The app returned "Object: None, name: u'subscribers

  • 2 December 2022
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I am trying to tag new enrollments from Thinkific with tags in Aweber. 


I have: 

But when I try to add tags using the update subscriber I get the error: 

Failed to create a subscriber in AWeber

The app returned "Object: None, name: u'subscribers'".


There was one old post about this, but it didn’t have any conclusion. Please help. Thanks. 


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Please share screenshots of your set up action steps. 

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Thanks. I fixed it by mapping User ID and not email address. Any reason why User ID worked and email address didn’t ? 

Also… In the ‘find subscriber’ step in step 2 there is the possibility to add tags - are these not the same as ‘tags’ you add in step 3 that map to Aweber? Screenshots attached 




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I’m super stoked you were able to get that sorted! Regarding your question on why it worked, here’s a quick bit on static values (the email field) vs dynamic ones (the user ID). 

It’s possible those are the same tags! That said, if they are you’d still need the 3rd step to perform the action of updating them in AWeber. 

I hope that helps! 🙂

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Hi @AllyRyde!

The reason you need the Subscriber ID is that the AWeber API (like many APIs) uses the ID rather than the label, which in this case would be the name and not email address:


If I try to manually select a specific subscriber to update from the dropdown, ‘Zapier Community’ is the human-friendly label but the API recognizes the ‘91187966’ ID that’s smaller and in lighter text.

Whenever you’re wondering what value you have to enter in the Custom tab (as seen above to the right of “Subscriber”, it will be the smaller text and not the larger label.

As for tags, yes those should be referring to the same tags. One step is searching and can use tags in that search, while the other step is actually adding tags to a subscriber.

Hope that makes sense!

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Thank you @nicksimard and  @christina.d these explanations are awesome and will also help me work out what I can do next time I make a zap as well.