Error: Failed to create a created document from template in Google Docs, the app returned: file not found.

  • 5 January 2023
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I am able to Find a File in Google Drive (a shared Drive) - which is a Template Doc - and then Find a Folder in that Drive, but when I move to Create Doc from Template, I’m unable to select the Folder it just found! But it’s using the template file it just found! What gives?
From other threads (like this from a year ago: it seems like this is a known issue that was being worked on but is not yet resolved.
Is there a way, currently, to create a Doc from a Template in a Shared Drive? 


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5 replies

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Hi @Michelle - Trivia Mafia 

Good question.

Please post screenshots with how your Zap step is configured so we have context, thanks.

Check: Make sure the GDoc Zap account has the same access as the GDrive Zap account.


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@Troy Tessalone I’m the Content Manager for the Shared Drive. I want to create gDocs that are then accessible - and editable - by anyone who has the link to the doc. 

I’ve used two Find functions to identify the template file and the folder I want, and populated them in the Create step:

If I delete the Folder info, then it will use the correct Template Document (found in step 2) to create the new doc, but it shows up in my personal Drive in the main/root area (no particular folder). I cannot figure out why it gives that “File not found” error for the Folder field, when it seems to work for the File field. Both the Template Doc and the Folder are in the Shared Drive. 

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Hey there @Michelle - Trivia Mafia!

Thanks for sharing that helpful screenshot. It looks like you’ve selected the correct ID for the folder in that Google Docs step. So I’m wondering if the issue could be permissions related. You mentioned that it’s a shared folder. Is the Google account that’s connected to the Google Docs step the same as the one connected to the Google Drive steps? 

If not, it could be that the Google Docs step doesn’t have the right access permissions for that folder so it’s unable to add a file to it. Do you think that might be the case? 

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Thanks for the suggestions, Sam - I’m working to figure out what that means, since I currently have most permissions for that drive, but I’ll see if I can be the owner and whether that changes anything. 

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Hey there, @Michelle - Trivia Mafia! I wanted to pop by and see if switching things up to “Owner” privileges helped get you squared away?

Keep us posted! 🙂