Error: Failed to create a create bank transaction in Xero

  • 1 February 2023
  • 3 replies

I am trying to take data from Paypal to post a new bank transaction to Xero with separate line items for the item purchased and the Paypal fee.

I am using the ‘Line Itemizer’ in the ‘Formatter by Zapier’ and I just can’t seem to get it to work



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3 replies

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Hi @pairofducks 

Good question.

There are 2 errors.


In the Forrmatter step, the UnitAmount is creating 3 line items, which is causing all of the other parameters to also have 3 outputs. (notice the trailing comma in the variables mapped from step 4)


There is no Qty provided for the 3rd line item, thus the error.


There is no Account provided for the 3rd line item, thus the error.


I see the problem now.  The test data that is sent though has two line items and no ‘Payment Fee’ amount whereas the actual data will only ever have one line item and an amount for ‘payment fee’.


I’m going to have to publish the zap and wait for some live data to come through to see if it works

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Ah, good catch, @pairofducks!

Keep us posted once you have fresh sample data to work with. We’re eager to hear when you’re able to get this working. 🙂