erorr get emoji from gpt to google sheets action

  • 3 March 2024
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I do an ACTION between GPT and GOOGLE SHEETS and as soon as I send a text that includes English and EMOJI
It does not recognize the EMOJI and it shows them to me as an unknown language. I would like to know if there is a certain port for EMOJI
I am attaching a picture of what is happening to me



3 replies

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Hi @mdmapain! 👋

Hmm, my guess is that the encoding of the emoji is what’s causing it to not display the actual emoji correctly.

It looks like you might be seeing the emojis displayed incorrectly while testing in the demo area, is that correct?
When you test the AI Action does it add the emoji to the Google Sheets correctly?

If it does then it may just be an issue with how it’s being displayed in the live demo preview. 

If it doesn’t then it may be a bug that’s causing the emoji to not be properly encoded. In which case I’d recommend reaching out to the Zapier AI support team about this as they’ll be able to investigate further to determine whether this is related to a bug. You can get in touch with them directly via the form here:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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thanks for the help i will talk with them because its live prevew and its now work 

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Thanks for getting back to me, @mdmapain

Please do keep us in the loop on how you get on with them. And let me know if there’s anything else I can assist with in the meantime. 🙂