Email to Motion: Wrong output from Zap

  • 29 March 2024
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I have a customized zap that creates a task in Motion calendar from an email. One of the possible “variables” in the action tab of the app is to set the Deadline Type which can take one of the following values “HARD”, “SOFT”, “NONE”. The output of the zap for this variable is always “SOFT” no matter if a choose “HARD” or “NONE” from the predetermined items or if I use a custom text from the trigger data.

How can this be fixed?


Inputs using customized text for variable Deadline Type


Output from test, no matter what I choose, it always comes out as SOFT for the variable Deadline Type


3 replies

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Hi @jgu83 

Help article for using variables in dropdown fields:

Thanks a lot for the reply! I think I am using the custom values option properly and that the problem lies elsewhere. The issue I am facing is that the output value is the wrong one even if I set it up as one of the predetermined list of values for the field (see pic)


even when using the “HARD” value from the list the output still “SOFT” always



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It’s likely the Formatter step is not consistently parsing the data.

We would need to see screenshots with how the Formatter step is configured along with the DATA OUT from the step that is sending the data to the Formatter step.

You may need to try a different approach for parsing the data.