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Editing is very slow

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I am editing my Zap on a Windows machine with a solid internet connection.  I have about 180 download speed and over 200 upload speed.  I am using the Brave browser.

As I edit my Zap, when I make a change to any field, it takes an inordinate amount of time for the system to let me edit the next field.  A couple of times it has even timed out and I had to reload the page.

All other web sites are loading with no affect to their speed.  I have not had this issue in the past.

Is there anything you can think of that might be slowing down the system?


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I have noticed other things breaking with Zapier recently.  When I was finially able to edit a zap after about 4 hours, some of the data appears to be getting criss-crossed with other data and I am gettign two outputs when that is clearly not in the zap

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I have the same issue. Most of the time, the Zapier editor just hangs or stalls, and I have to reload the page several times in order to continue to the following steps. 


There are some Zaps that I literally cannot edit anymore. Granted, they may be rather large Zaps with several paths, but before the update, there was absolutely no issue with editting. Now, whenever I want to edit steps, the browser tab just stalls, loads nothing or crashes. 


I’m starting to look at other providers, as Zapier is simply not delivering anymore.

Same is happening for me. So slow sometimes the editor crashes and you can’t tell what it saved and what it didn’t save!


Only started happening with this new editor!

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Hey all! I wanted to share the latest - this has been resolved and the bug closed. 🎉

If you are still seeing some laggy behavior in the editor with these larger zaps, please open a ticket with our support team so they can dig into it with you.

Thanks so much for your patience while the team sorted this out! We also appreciate everyone continuing to share your feedback and experiences here in the Community.

It is VERY bad

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Hi @Timbit44 

I’m sorry that the editor is slow for you, that must be really frustrating. There aren’t any issues that are causing a slowdown, so I’d recommend checking with the Support Team to see if there’s anything causing this problem for you. You can get it touch with them using the Get Help form. Thanks!