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Dropbox not attaching shared folder url to trello card

  • 26 September 2022
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Zap process:

  1. Card moved to list in trello
  2. A) Date recorded to google sheets (Lookup spreadsheet row for corresponding trello card and Update that row with date acquired)
  3. Create folder in drop box with the name of card in trello
  4. upload the attached file with the same name as trello card (in this case its a script for a video)
  5. Create a shared link in drop box
  6. Add shared link as an attachment to trello card (This is where the issue is) The trello card is not getting the Dropbox url attached to it for some reason?

I have also attached a screenshot of the zap. I have tried adding the url via file attachments and url attachments and nothing...

i'm trying to mimic this zap process from this video from 12:04 to 13:27


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2 replies

SOLVED (Needed to use CardID from trello not card name)

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Woohoo! Thanks so much for looping back around to update the thread with your solution! 🎉 

Stoked you were able to get to the bottom of this. ⚡️