Drop down menu only lists files in Google Forms when searching for the appropriate Google Doc to connect.

  • 30 September 2022
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Trying to connect a Google Form to a Google Doc Template but when I search for the appropriate Google Doc to connect with, the drop down menu only shows files in Google FORMS. I’ve gone through the process four or five times. I start with a trigger in Google Forms. Then my action is to “create a document from Template in Google Docs.” Step #2 clearly shows that it is connected to Google Docs. But the drop down menu still only lists files in Google Forms. 

Anyone else having this issue? Any advice? 


2 replies

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Hi @dsully25 

Good question.

Try using the “Custom” mapping option and input the static value for the GDoc ID.

The GDoc ID can be found in the browser URL.

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Hi there @dsully25 - wondering if the suggestion Troy had helped you out? If not I’m happy to lend a hand to make sure you have the right Google Doc to connect with!