Doorloop "Tenant Moving out" trigger issue

  • 14 November 2023
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I’m attempting to use the doorloop trigger of “tenant moving out.” I have the trigger set to 20 days before move-out. When I run the test, Zapier is pulling records that are not within that window. 


Record A: 




Record B:




Record C:




I have a tenant moving out in 16 days and his record is not shown. It seem like Zapier is parsing the wrong data. Can anyone help with this?

6 replies

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Hi @turbotboz 

Good question.

To help us have context, please post screenshots with how your Zap trigger is configured.

Some Zap app trigger steps only return representative records to help you configure the Zap action steps.

You may need to turn the Zap ON and test.

Thanks for the reply! Here is the trigger. I’m only using the “number of days” field.


Here is one of the example records pulling a tenant that moved out on 7-31-23. There is a tenant moving out at the end of November that isn’t being pulled. 


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It’s likely the Zap trigger with the selected settings will only trigger 30 days before move-out. (not within 30 days)

The returned records in the Zap trigger are probably some of the more recent records, so you can configure the Zap action steps.

Try turning the Zap ON and testing, then check your Zap Runs:

I tested using the exact number of days remaining before move out and duplicate zaps with +/- one day on each end. Nothing has worked. 

It seems that the API data from Doorloop is not working properly in Zapier. I also tried using a new task event set to “owner request” category. You can see below that even though I created the proper task, all zapier is seeing is the last “internal task” created, not the “owner request” task.


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You may need to try to reach out to DoorLoop Support for help troubleshooting their Zap app integration.

Thanks. I actually opened a ticket with them as well and linked them here. Hoping that will help fix this issue.