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Does Parser by Zapier have any limit?

  • 29 April 2021
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Hi everyone,

I already know Parser by Zapier has a limit of 25Mb per email.
Since this morning a Zap that was correctly working stopped doing so. The starting trigger is Mail Parser by Zapier and it seems like its not receiving emails correctly. Not every email, just the one I actually care about.

The Parser is set in such a way to create a new card on Trello with email subject as card title, email body as description of the card and email attachments as card attachments.

the attachments are ALWAYS PDFs with a size between 1.5 and 2.5Mb. I tried everything and it seems like parser is correctly working with email with no attachments and emails with small attachments. I have no idea what to do and what to look for to fix this problem.

PS. Sorry if this thread is incorrectly placed, this is my first time posting here.


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Hi @Emanuele Ferraris 

If you're still having trouble, you may want to try using a more robust solution like or, both have great Zapier integrations.

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Hey @Emanuele Ferraris, hope you’re well, I just wanted to check in here!

Is it possible that multiple attachments are being included and pushing the attachments over the limit?

What is the total size of all attachments on the email that is having trouble?

Did the zap trigger and create a task in the task history for the email that is having this issue? Or did the zap not trigger on the email at all?

I’d be happy to do some digging on this. However, Parser by Zapier is a very simple email parser that we provide for free, as is. For most issues with Parser by Zapier, you’ll want to look into a dedicated parsing solution such as the ones that Troy mentioned.