Documents get added in Google Drive as text documents instead of as files

  • 6 February 2023
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I have Zap where I want to take a file from a newly created ContentDocument record (PDF) in Salesforce and upload it to a Google Drive. I cannot seem to define the “File” need as it is required in the Zap. No matter which URL I use, the document that gets added in Google Drive is simply a text document with strange HTML markup which I’ve included in the screenshot below.


  1. Referencing Content Document URL in the ZAP (Private)-
    •  Text document sent Google Drive with HTML markup instead of PDF
    • Using Salesforce standard URL in this test



  1. Referencing Content Document public link manually created on the Content Document record. 
    • Despite referencing the “Public” link in the test ZAP, this also generated a strange  text file in the Google Drive with HTML markup.



Please advise. Is what I want to do possible within Zapier?

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2 replies

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Hi @Aaron Kim 

Good question.

What is your Zap trigger step? (app + event) [best to provide a screenshot]

The file URL needs to be a direct download link.

Often Zap steps return a field for the hydrated field indicated by something like this: file exists but not shown


You can test the different links by copy/pasting into a browser to see if that initiates a direct download of the file.

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@Aaron Kim Hey there, hi there! Were you able to replace your current URL with a download link like Troy suggested? Let us know if that worked everything out for you, or if you still need some assistance getting it up and working the way you want!