Discord user search "is not a snowflake" error

  • 28 January 2022
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The problem still exist, please do not close the ticket.

From what I understand, Zapier is not search Discord properly for the username. On Discord, many people can have the same username. This is why Zapier must pull a Discord user’s unique user ID - however it doesn’t. If you have 3 people on your server named Bob, it will pull the first one and does not recognize unique user IDs. This is 100% part of the issue at hand.

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2 replies

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 Hey @Devin Paul, thanks for reaching out about this! 

I’ve moved your question about this “is not a snowflake” error out into it’s own topic as it appears to be different to the one relating to the bug report being discussed in the other thread (Cannot read property 'username' of undefined). 

Looking at the Find User action it specifically asks for the Username and not their User ID. So I expect that snowflake error may relate to the User ID also being included in the search term.

If you were to remove the User ID value from the search term being used I would have thought that it would then be able to successfully find a user, but as you’ve mentioned if multiple users have the same username that could result in the wrong user being found. I’m not seeing any existing bug reports open for this specific behaviour so I’d recommend reaching out to our Support team about this. They’ll be able to take a closer look at the search logs for your Zap and open up a bug report for this issue.

I found a fix for the discord errors on role promotions