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Discord Bot Error Code 50013

  • 12 July 2022
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I am setting up a Zap that Triggers from a new row in Google Sheets → then finds a Discord user’s ID number → then assigns a role to that User’s ID number. I’ve almost nailed everything until I get to the final test and this error pops up:

Failed to create a role in Discord
“message”: “Missing Permissions”, “code”: 50013

I booted the Zapier bot and re-added it back in and it still didn’t work. It has all the permissions it needs from what I can tell.




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Hey there, @JonBoyBeats! Awesome question and we appreciate you reaching out.

Discord can definitely be a bit twisty when it comes to permissions! Have you had an opportunity to run though some of the troubleshooting steps here?

Specifically there’s a link to Discord documentation on how to go about setting up permissions.

In addition, sometimes we see this error when the Zapier bot's own role is too low. Bots cannot assign users to roles higher than the bot itself. The bot's role needs to be higher than the role it's assigning.

Discord determines role priority by its physical place in the "Roles" list, and users can drag and drop to rearrange roles. Moving Zapier's role higher than the role its assigning may resolve the issue.



Keep us posted if this helps!

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Hey @JonBoyBeats! I see you were able to reach out to our support team about this so I am coming back here to summarize the solution: 

I took a look into your Zap and I do see what you mean. I did some digging in our logs, and it looks like this is an error we've seen before that typically has to do with the permissions of the Bot itself. In this case, the message is indicating this bot user doesn't have Discord's full "Manage Webhooks" permission that Zapier will need for making posts. 

In your server settings, you can adjust the permission of Zapier's Role:

Both "Manage Webhooks" and "Send Messages" will be the most important permissions to turn on:

Your note re: the solution: The Zapier role needs to be dragged to be above the role you are trying to assign. Otherwise it won't be able to assign.