Date formatting in Zapier tables not corresponding with pretty date from schedule

  • 31 May 2023
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Hi Guys,

Maybe some of you encoutered it already, but when I set a dat in Zapier Tables I have the following options:

The other examples are in the picture below


This looks like there are a lot of options available (which there are)but not the format used by “Schedule by Zapier” as, this comes with a comma in between, please see below.

I probably could solve this by using a formatter to remove the “comma”, but i am wondering as many users do use “Scheduler by Zapier” and Table is still in Beta that this date format could also be added to Tables?

Any other suggestions?


KR Bram

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Hi @REXZ Automations 

Good question.

Best to formally submit feature requests to be logged via a ticket to Zapier Support: