Data Not Being Updated in Karbon (from Ignition)

  • 2 November 2023
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Hello, I am trying to update contact information for clients in Karbon upon the acceptance of a proposal from Ignition.  I have Zap first locating the client in Karbon and then set to add/update the client’s address, etc.  (Interestingly, to update/add a phone number is not data that can be updated - but that is a secondary issue.)  I am using the client ID from Karbon to identify the client that should be updated and then I am using data fields from Ignition, which should be updating the Karbon Contact Card.  The multiple tests have been successful within the Zap administration screen, however, none of the data is populating within Karbon.  I feel like this is an issue with the ‘buried’ Contact Card within Karbon.  Please see the screenshot below of the latest successful Zap.:


7 replies

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Hi @Zapaway 

Good question.

Please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured in the Zap edit mode to help us have true context.

Hi Troy, thank you for getting back to me.  Here are screenshots for you from the Zap configuration, which is ‘working’ without errors.  I will break it down into its 3 steps.  (Also, we are still using the free Zap software until we can get this configured and then we will pay for the subscription.  We read that the free version will only allow for 2 steps; maybe this is the issue? - I sort of doubt that this is the issue since we are not receiving any errors with our Zap connections, etc.)  (To fast forward, I believe that the error exists within Karbon since they have a ‘layered’ (almost hidden) contact card for each ‘Person’ client.  I have included screenshots from Karbon below as well for your reference.)

Here are screenshots of the steps:



I have included the entire layout for you above.
Please note that I included the Karbon Id in the first required field.  Then, I pulled in data from Ignition for Firstname, Lastname (I know that I can do a data split, but I will do that later if this works out), Addressline and City.  Then, I used Karbon data fields for Stateprovincecounty and Zipcode as a test, even though there is no date in there with in Karbon and this Zap is supposed to update the data in those fields from data within Ignition. 

Within Karbon, here is the layout of their Contact Card for your reference:

When you click ‘Edit’ above, you get to the data fields within the Contact Card:

In theory, the Zap should be updating the data fields above with the information from Ignition: Address Line, City, State, Zip Code.


Finally, please also note: Within Zap, there is no data field to grab a phone number from Ignition!

Thank you very much!

-- Adam Retsky

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In the DATA OUT for the example from Ignition the Client has no Phone number value.


Searching by Name can be an issue.

Multiple people could have the same name.

Also the client Name from Ignition comes as Last, First.


These mapped variables from Karbon have “No data” value.
If you wanted data from Ignition, then you would need to map variables from an Ignition step.


Am I being limited because I have a ‘Free’ account and the ZAP I have created has more than one step.


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The first screenshot you showed had 3 steps from a live Zap Run.

If you’re not on a trial plan period, then you need a Zapier paid plan to turn Zaps ON with 3+ steps.

But the data returned in Zap steps is not dependent on the Zapier plan, and is dependent on the apps being used in the Zap steps and the record data being returned.

Hi Troy, I have upgraded to a Paid Zap plan and re-run the Zap to update contact data within Karbon.  The Zap is still not updating the contact fields within Karbon on their Contact Card.  Please take another look at the Zap screenshot clipping and advise if you don’t mind doing so:

The ‘id’ is from Karbon; the rest of the fields are from Ignition.  If I change the ‘id’ to the Ignition Client ID, then I receive an error.  This data should be landing in the Karbon Contact Card.  Please advise.


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You may have to try reaching out to Karbon Support for additional help troubleshooting.

Karbon built their Zap app on the Zapier Developer Platform and would be in charges of making fixes if there are issues with the integration.