Cursor has gone out of bounds Updating Google Sheet.

  • 3 January 2023
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Hello I am trying to create a Zap that will do the following. When we get a new Patron on Patreon they are added to a Google Sheet. Then once they cancel their pledge we update the sheet COL of active to NO. I am able to get the first part of this working just fine. But I am having issues on the update column portion. 

  1. I am able to setup the lookup step just fine and all the data is visible.


  1. Next step I use the ID value that’s looked up in the spreadsheet from the previous step.

    Then I update the sheet with all of the same data except I change the Active column to NO. 



  2. This is where the issue comes in, when I run the test it comes back with Cursor Out Of Bounds. I am not sure how to resolve this. Any insight would be great.

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2 replies

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Hi @seanmpiper 

Looks like you may have Col J mapped but instead should map the Row Number or Row ID.




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Hey there @seanmpiper! It looks as though Troy may well have spotted the cause of the issue here.

Were you able to get it working by selecting the spreadsheet Row ID or Row Number instead? Eager to know how you got on with this!