Creating a task from Squarespace form to Asana - some fields are passed while others' aren't

I would like to enter data in a Squarespace form and copy and paste that info into an Asana Project.

I have set up everything but somehow some fields just don’t get passed along, while others do. 


I chose the action “Create Task in Asana” when submitting a squarespace form. 

It creates the task correctly and also adds the responsible person correctly. These two fields in Asana (task, responsible person) were the only fields that have been set up by Asana as default.


The fields that I created myself in Asana, e.g. “customer email address” are not passed correctly, even though I could set them up in Zapier. Does anyone have an idea? Do I need to modify Asana in a way? 

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Hi @Anita Hayashi 

Good question.

To help give us context, please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured.

To help you troubleshoot live Zap Runs, check the DATA IN/OUT for each step here:

Hi @Troy Tessalone 

I am having the same issue as Anita. Here are screenshots of how my Zap is configured:



When I submit the Squarespace form. a new Task is created in Asana, but only the Task Name field appears. None of the custom fields are populating.

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I’d recommend posting your own topics so it gets proper attention, thanks.