Create Trustpilot Invitation from Google Sheet (ZAP ERROR)


I have created a Zap that takes data from Google sheet to send Trustpilot invitation to our users. This Zap was working fine without any issues but now Zap is showing 404 error. 


I have tried to edit ZAP and tested its action which is showing this error:

Failed to create a createinvitationv2 in Trustpilot

Required field "Recipient E-Mail Address" (recipientEmail) is missing. Required field "Reference Id" (referenceId) is missing.”


But, I have verified in Setup Action google sheet fields are mapped correctly.



Please can you look into this and help me to fix this issue.?


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Hi @agilesparks 

Good question.

You need to make sure to test with sample trigger data that has values.

In the screenshot you provided, none of the mapped variables have values for the required fields, thus the error when testing the Zap step.

Help article for how to change your trigger data:

NOTE: If you made an adjustment to your GSheet recently, that may be the root cause of the Zap issue.


Hi @Troy Tessalone

Thank you for checking my issue. 


Yes, We are adding new users into our GSheet, Please can you tell me how I can fix this issue? 

Also I am going to test it with sample trigger data that has values.


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Check your Zap trigger data to see which row ID is being returned, then check that against the GSheet to understand why those cells have no data.


Help article for how to change your trigger data: