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Create one Zap to trigger one email for every Perspective result

  • 9 August 2022
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Hey guys,

I have created a survey with Perspective that has four different results. 

I’m trying to use Zapier to create a new contact in a specific Active Campaign email list for each survey result.

But although I have tried out both trigger events (Visitor completed the funnel and New Lead via funnel) and chose the correct Lead for each specific email, the leads are not pulling through correctly and show up in all of my email lists. This way, I end up getting all four emails for each of the survey results.

I also have only four possible results on Perspective, but all of a sudden instead of Lead A, B, C and D, I get Lead E and F as well.


Thank you


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Hey there, @Josefine! Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community! Sorry to hear you’re running into this and we definitely want to help!

Do you mind sharing a bit more around how you’ve created your zaps? Do you have individual zaps for the various responses? If you don’t mind sharing screenshots of your current zap setup (with any personal details obscured) with that may help us get ya back on track. 🙂

Looking forward to digging into this with you!

Dear @christina.d 

Thanks for your help. I have attached screenshots of one of the zaps that I have created. The other ones are analog to this one except for the Lead and the list I’m using. The screenshots are ordered from bottom to top 😏


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Hello @Josefine  

Firstly never create too many lists inside your ActiveCampaign just because you can create them.

Instead use different tags and while creating or updating the contact inside ActiveCampaign add that unique tag just not adding them to a list.

Also always trigger automations inside ActiveCampaign through tags and use Zapier to tag them.

From the Zap Configuration I don’t see that you have created Paths for 4 different outcomes which should be done so that only when a condition gets satisfied they would be added to the email list with that specific tag.

Rest if you still need help please let me know.

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Hey there, @Josefine! I wanted to stop in and see if you were still needing help getting this squared away or if @Satya09 recommendations got ya on the right track?

Keep us posted! 🤗

Hey @christina.d - thank you for checking in, @Satya09 got me on the right track! :)

@christina.d @Satya09 I have tried to implement your feedback. I created one list, the contacts do import with the tags but all of a sudden the automation doesn’t trigger any more (it did trigger before, just not for the specific tags)..


I hope you have another idea :)





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Hey @Josefine how strange! Have the contacts that are not triggering, been tagged with the same tag before? Are there any errors in your Task History? This may be one for support but we’ll see what we can do here to help get things sorted once we have a bit more info!

This is a great guide to consult as well: