Create Google Doc Template and place it into new generated Folder

  • 20 January 2024
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Hey there, 

I´m trying to automate my google folder creation + doc creation after creating a new record.

Basically it should work like this:

1 New Record in Airtable (Trigger)

2 Find (or create) a Google Folder 
3 Create Doc out of Template - (here I´m getting the error based on the new Google Folder ID)
4 Update Airtable 

Strange thing is that the documents gets created in the correct folder but the zap is not able to continue and doesn´t give me the right information for my Airtable Update based on that.
Thanks in advance

1 reply

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Hi @Symp123 

Good question.

The issue may be related to Folders in Shared Drives.

You may have to create it in the same Folder where the GDoc Template is hosted then move the file to another Folder.