ConvertKit Action error e-mail and first name webhook zap

  • 21 December 2023
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Hello, I facing a problem. 

I am selling digital products via Copecart. I saw that I can create an zap for that. 

So I did a webhook “catch a hook in webhooks by zapier” - no as an action I added ConvertKit

I have different possibilities - so I can give a tag or add subscribers to a sequence in convertkit.

I can add the tag or choose an sequence - thats fine. But the problem is the next field. this one says *Email (required). But which e-mail do I add there?

I normally want that when a person bought the e-book, they will be in another sequence - so also when they where in the newsletter before. But I dont know what to write down in the e-mail field. Because everybody has another email. I tried to write a word like “FALSE” to check what happens but an error will appear. 


Someone knows how to fix this? Also what do I have to write down by first name?



Thanks a lot


1 reply

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Hi @FragefüreinenFreund 

You will need to map a variable from a previous step that has a value of an email address.