Contacts not sending from Eventbrite to Constant Contact

  • 30 October 2023
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Initially, I thought it was because the contacts already existed in the constant contact database. However, it seems that not even new class registrants from eventbrite are syncing with the list in constant contact. I tried both ‘Create contact’ which is when I thought the issue was that the contact already existed, and also Find or Create Contact. Neither of these are sending contacts to the correct list in eventbrite despite it being listed in the setup in Zapier. The ‘find or create’ option also doesn’t specify that it’s going to add existing contacts into the specified list...

Has anyone had a similar issue between eventbrite and constant contact? 

Thanks in advance! 

1 reply

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Hi @Rachel McCallion 

Good question.

We would need to see screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured to have more context.

Check your Zap Runs history to see the DATA IN/OUT for each Zap step to help you troubleshoot.