ConnectWise Manage error: The app returned, "An unexpected database error has occurred"

  • 11 June 2024
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I have a zap setup to pull information submitted from GravityForms to ConnectWise Manage. All steps are working properly except for “Find Contact in ConnectWise Manage” where the app returns “an unexpected database error has occurred”. This only seems to occur if the information submitted in the form is for a new phone number or email address, even though I have the box checked saying if the contact doesn’t exist to then create one. See screenshots below.



3 replies

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Hi @SecureTech 

Try removing the trailing line breaks in Value 2.


@Troy Tessalone There are no trailing line breaks. That’s the size of the Value 2 no matter what. I’ve actually gotten rid of the phone number and just tried doing 1 parameter for the email and it’s still giving the same error.





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Info about using ConnectWise in Zaps:


If the error persists, you may have to try reaching out to ConnectWise Support for help with their Zap app integration.