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ConnectWise Manage Error: "Cannot set property 'board/id' of undefined"

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when I try and test I receive this error. I do not understand this error and I need help resolve this so my integrations can start working. 


Best answer by christina.d 28 April 2022, 02:30

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Good question.

Please post screenshots with how your Zap step is configured in order for us to have more info, thanks.

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this is for Manage to Slack. This is the Manage configuration

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Hey Troy, 

Do you have any possible leads on how to resolve this?


Thank you,


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Hey there, @SW_GUS! Thanks for reaching out.

I did some digging and it appears you’re being impacted by a known bug in the ConnectWise Manage integration New/Updated Ticket trigger - specifically this error pops if a certain Service Board or Project Filter is selected.

We’ve gone ahead and brought this to the attention of the apps developers! While I don’t have an estimate when a fix will arrive, I did add you to the list of affected users! This way once there is one, we’ll be sure to email you and keep the thread updated. 

Thanks again for flagging this and welcome to the Community!

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Hey Christina, 


Thank you for the reply. It has been a few weeks since we spoke. Is this still an issue? Is there a site where I can track this issue for updates? 


Thank you,


Chiming in as we have the same issue and ConnectWise is one of our main use cases for Zapier. Is there any further update or workaround here? At this time, we’re not able to create new zaps as needed.

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Hi @JM1321,


We apologize for the inconvenience. We don't have any ETA with the updates yet. I've added you to the list of affected users, and we will email you an update once it's available. Thank you!

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when I try and test I receive this error. I do not understand this error and I need help resolve this so my integrations can start working. 


Is this only affecting the cloud api integrations or is this issue for on premise server as well?


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Hi @SW_GUS - thanks for reaching out.

I’m sorry to say, this is still an active bug. One thing that could be worth trying is reauthenticating your ConnectWise connection. 
In the interest of full transparency though this particular app is managed by ConnectWise. While I wish I had more insight to share in terms of workarounds or ETA’s, at this time I might recommend reaching out to them directly. 

There is some Zapier documentation they’ve provided here but I’m unsure if there’s anything related to this error message there. Rest assured though we’ll post any updates once this is resolved here. 🙂

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Is this only affecting the cloud version of connectwise or is this also affecting the on premises version of connectwise manage. 

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Hey @SW_GUS! I moved your question to this main thread to keep things consolidated. I would assume this is related to the cloud version as we generally don’t support “on premise” editions of apps on Zapier, but I am not 100% sure. This is likely a better question for the ConnectWise team to answer.

In the meantime, I have heard of some folks being able to get past this error by re-authenticating the app, so that may be something to explore if you haven’t already!

This is still an issue three months in!!  Any updates??

I’m going to open a ticket with Connectwise in the morning. Has anyone else opened a ticket?

Yep, I have ticket 16354415 open since the 13th.

Doesn’t sound promising though - after lots of back and forth, I was asked to provide more screenshots on how to reproduce the issue, even though it takes five seconds to do so.

I provided them with a screen recording on the 19th and have had a response yet. So maybe refer to my ticket number when you raise yours?

Awesome. I’ll do that. I’ll keep you advised. The most important trigger is broken….sigh….

I can get it to see tickets by omitting the board filter since it’s broken. Question is, can someone help me with the specific query to lookup a ticket? I’m trying to get a ZAP to fire when a P1 or P2 ticket is open OR a specific resource team is chosen. 

Any updates or work around on this? My zap of 5+ years just quite working Monday for no apparent reason… this seems to be the issue, as I can not rebuild and duplicate the same process. 



Hey all, I have an open ticket with ConnectWise. It sounds like it’s getting close.

The most recent update I received was on 30 August 2022. 

ConnectWise support said:

The developers or the Zapier integration just updated the issue, on Zapier's site:

Left Hook Developers

1 day ago
Hi Zapier partners,

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention. We were able to replicate and will be addressing this bug in the next version push (hopefully coming this week)”.

I can’t find where Left Hook have said that, so for now we are just waiting for this push to happen.

Please come back here an update if you notice it’s working again!