Connecting GetMyInvoices with Qonto and getting “transaction_id is not a valid UUID” error

  • 27 February 2023
  • 8 replies

I am trying to connect “GETMYINVOICES” with the online bank “QONTO”. It should work, but I don't know what to fill into into the 2 fields:

  • Transaction ID
  • Attachment File Extension

When testing, the app returned "transaction_id is not a valid UUID".

Please support :)

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8 replies

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Welcome @AriAI! 👋 

Hmm, I’d have thought that in the Transaction ID field you’d want to pass the unique identifying number for the transaction associated with the file you’re attaching. 

I’m guessing that the invoice wouldn’t have the transaction ID though so you’d need a search action to find the relevant transaction in Qonto. I’m not seeing any search actions for Qonto though. So it might be worth reaching out to our Support team to get a feature request open for a search action that would allow you to search for existing transactions.

For the Attachment File Extension field, it’s essentially looking to receive the file type. For example an image would have a file extension like jpg or png. And a PDF would be pdf.

In the meantime, I wonder if you could alter the workflow a bit to get around the lack of the Qonto search action. Perhaps you could upload the invoices from GetMyInvoices into something that would be searchable like Google Drive (set the file name to be the invoice number). Then set up another Zap so that when there’s a new transaction (assuming the transaction would have the GetMyInvoices invoice number logged in one of the fields we receive?), you could search for the relevant file in Google Drive (using the invoice number as the value to search for) then add the attachment to the transaction in Qonto. Do you think that could work? 

No, this sounds a bit over-complicated… I don’t know--- ZAPIER actively marketed the connection between those 2 apps via their online-marketing. I am now a bit confused--- Was this just not-tested marketing bla?

I am anyway trying it… I connected GMI with my dropbox… Unfortunately, the right dropbox folder does not appear. It is in my TEAM Acess folder, not my personal...

How can I access dropbox shared folder?

Is shared folder still not accessible? 1 year ago it was on your feature request list...

No one here who knows why it is marketed but not working as advertised?


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Hey there, @AriAI - thanks for reaching out in community. Those are all super valid questions!

Full transparency, both the Qonto and GetMyInvoices apps are owned and maintained by a team of their developers. While we’re always happy to track feature requests and/or bugs on behalf of users, ultimately what gets implemented and when is up to their team. That said, if you are interested in opening a new feature request for a Qonto search function, as Sam mentioned, feel free to open a ticket and my teammates in Support can take care of that for you. 

If you’re particularly excited about an idea, I might recommend reaching out to to share your feedback directly with those companies. 🙂 Sometimes it helps to hear from their users how ya’ll envision using the product.

Regarding your question on Dropbox, Business or Team Folders are still not supported at the moment. While I don’t have an ETA on when or if this will change, I did add your vote to the existing feature request. This is the best way to stay informed if anything changes as we'll email you.

It sounds as if you may have found the related community thread too which is perfect. We'll be sure to keep that thread updated as well. You’re welcome to subscribe there if you’re interested in keeping tabs in the community.👇🏽:

I know a lot of this likely isn’t the news you were hoping for but we truly appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us. Please keep us posted if you have any other questions - the team is always happy to lend a hand.