Compress files from Monday file column using Zip Archive Api

  • 9 December 2022
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I’m doing a zap to compress a bunch of files in a column to a zip file. I go fetch the files url from The data structure as a file url and a name. The bug is that the zip archive api doesnt use the name field for naming the files inside the zip archive. It uses the url field as a name. 

Is there a step I must add with the zip archive api or maybe loop through each file somehow and add them 1 by one to the zip.

Thanks for any help!



Results from get file and how I set up the File archive api step:





1 reply

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Hey @clauzon! My first instinct would be to try to loop through that list to get the data you need to upload them into the folder. However, that means that your action would run for each file. I’m not sure of the action app you’re using but do know you if it allows you to keep adding files to a folder and then “re-zipping” that folder?

I’d also be curious to hear more about your workflow. What’s prompting this need in the first place? What is the overall theme of what you’re trying to do? Let us know and we can do our best to help you think through this one!