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Close error: ‘The app returned "The method is not allowed for the requested URL."

Hey Everyone! I need help! What im trying to accomplish is having a lead fill out their information via typeform then once they complete it zapier will automate all their responses to the specific lead on Close. What Ive done so far:

  1. Trigger- New Entry in Typeform
    1. connected typeform account and selected specific form
  2. Action- Find Lead in Close
    1.  Gather email collected by typeform
  3. Action- Update Custom Activity in Close
    1. Custom Activity ID filled in ‘form response’
    2. Custom Activity Type connected with custom activity on Close 

When I fill in all the information when I try running a test i just receive the error ‘The app returned "The method is not allowed for the requested URL.".’ How can I get this to work?


Best answer by SamB 12 May 2023, 13:08

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Welcome to the Community, @Angelica.GomezNRE. Thanks for joining us! 🙂

You mentioned that you’re using the Custom Activity ID that comes from the form response. Can you confirm whether the ID that came from the response is the correct ID for the Custom Activity you want to update in Close? 

Usually I’d expect to see a Find Custom Activity action used to obtain the correct ID for the custom activity in Close.

So if it’s not the correct ID, that might be what’s causing the error. In which case, can you try adding a Find Custom Activity search action (before the Update Custom Activity action) to find the ID. Then, select the activity ID it finds in the Custom Activity ID field, instead of using the one supplied by the TypeForm trigger.

Look forward to hearing from you on this!

It was in fact not the correct ID, thank you so much! What I did instead was instead of ‘Update Custom Activity’ I used ‘Create Custom Activity’ instead. From there I pulled the lead ID from the previous step ‘Find Lead in Close’ and it worked! 

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Hi @Angelica.GomezNRE,

That’s good to hear! I’m glad my colleague SamB was able to help.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the Community. We’re always happy to help! 😊