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ClickUp won't map dynamic data for Update Task action

  • 13 August 2022
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Hi Zapier community!  I have a zap that’s supposed to move a task from one list to another in ClickUp.  I have a dynamic data field for the List ID, but whenever I test the zap, the task stays in its original list.  What could I be missing, please?  Thanks in advance!


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4 replies

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UPDATE (UNSOLVED): I tried testing this with static data for the list field, and the zap still would not update the list for the task.  Help??

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Hey there, @mrose! Thanks for reaching out! I’m sorry to hear you’re running into this! We definitely want to help. 

Do you mind sharing a bit more about your desired workflow here? Sometimes it helps to describe it in terms of "When this happens in [blank] app, do that in [blank] app."

Also feel free to share screenshots of your current zap setup with any personal details obscured and that may help us troubleshoot with you. Looking forward to digging into this with you! 

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Hi @mrose!

I did a bit of testing (I’m no ClickUp expert, by any means) but here’s what I think is happening.

See here, how it says “Only used for custom fields”:

It’s not super obvious, but I don’t believe you can move tasks from one list to another using Update Task. Rather, you select those options in order to pull custom fields from the space, folder, or list.

I didn’t have any custom fields in my Monday list, but when I added one and refreshed the Zap, it then showed it to me in the editor. 

Here’s the catch: the task I selected is not in the list that I chose (weird that it allowed me to drill down like that), so when I tried to add the custom field to it I got an error. When I moved it to the Monday list and tested my Zap step, it then updated the custom field.

If you’re looking to request a feature that lets you update the list that a task is in, you can reach out to our Support team and they can create that for you (or add your vote to an existing request, if there is one). You can also reach out to ClickUp directly since they own and maintain the Zapier integration.

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Thank you!  I was hoping to use this to sort imported Trello tasks in bulk.  I ended up doing it manually, maybe I’ll reach out and request this feature.  Appreciate your looking into this!