Circle error: Unable to load choice, trouble loading "Community" data, and a problem with the data returned from this step.



I am trying to create a zap with Circle and I am receiving an error message as per the attached.


Would love some help as to how to get around this please.


PS - I am on the free version until I can make this and a couple of other zaps work.


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Hi @missyasminibrahim 

Good question.

Check your Circle Zap app connection here:

Hello Troy


Thank you, I tested the connection and it said it was successful yet when I go back into the zap it still gives me the same error message.


Any other suggestions?



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There are 0 help articles for the Circle Zap app integration.

You may want to reach out to Circle support to determine if you need a specific Circle plan or settings to allow it to integrate with Zapier.

Thank you.  I am not sure I can get that on the free plan but will have a look.

Did you ever figure out? Having issues as well.

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Before we dive deeper, could you please try connecting a new Circle account? Also, please make sure to follow all the steps indicated in this article:

Please keep us posted! 😊