Catch Hooks are now infuriating!!!

  • 10 August 2022
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Although i love the new editor for allowing me to not turn the zap off while developing, i think that Zapier as a company has made a huge mistake and taking a step back by changing the way that catch hooks work. you'll need to have the Zap Editor open with the webhook URL displayed. While leaving that window open, you'll want to send a new webhook to Zapier and then try loading more samples.


Why is this an issue?

100% of the time, in my use case, I DO NOT CONTROL WHEN THE TEST POST IS DELIVERED. I work with lead providers, which are posting leads to me, i do this so i can control the delivery of those leads to my individual employees.


When I am onboarding a lead provider i DO NOT have control over when they are posting a test lead. This means that when I am building a new zap, I must rely on being in the same chrome tab with the zap open on the webhooks tab in the test section in order to retrieve the lead information. This is why it’s important to be able to receive lead data whenever


1.            I do not need to rely on my chrome session to be able to receive the lead

2.            I do not need to rely on the lead provider to make sure that they are providing the most accurate posting fields

3.            I don’t have to repeatedly fail at keeping google chrome open in the amount of time it might take to receive a response from another human


This has only started happening since the change from the old version to now and I understand why you are doing it. People can be taking advantage of testing feature and the zap wouldn’t count against their total number of steps. Im willing to bet that users who are paying for a large number of steps are not worried about trying to save a few pennies.

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2 replies

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Hi @mydogisaboxer 

I along with others share your frustration and have myself previously brought this up with Zapier as a setback.

Best to share your feedback and feature requests by submitting a ticket via Zapier Support to be logged:

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Hey there, @mydogisaboxer. I wanted to stop in and thank you for taking the time to share your candid feedback. I really am sorry to hear about your experiences with some of the recent changes.

I also wanted to reassure you your thoughts aren’t falling on deaf ears. I went ahead and passed this along to our product team as your concerns are certainly valid!

Thank you again for being so thorough in some of the pain points you’re experiencing - it truly helps us in creating a better product for you!