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Cannot find folder list when creating "New Folder" Google Drive trigger


Hi everyone, I am trying to detect a new folder being created in our Google Drive. The folder(s) I want to detect will be created as a sub-folder of a root folder.

Unfortunately, when I try to use the “New Folder” trigger, it’s just not pulling out the list of folders under My Google Drive. (see image below). This is really weird, as when I build a new zap with the “New File” trigger, Zapier correctly pulls out all the folders under My Google Drive.

Does anyone has a tip? Thanks so much. 





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Hi @ckur001 

Help articles for using GDrive in Zaps:


If you know the Folder ID, then you can set that using the ‘Custom’ tab.



I was running into the exact same issue. I found a work-around by using the “Find a folder in google” action.

By using the “Find a folder in google” action, I can see “My Drive” and list the folders.

Then, I just selected the option to “Create Google drive folder if it doesn’t exits yet”

I hope this help.




Hi, everyone. Thank you for your help.

I read through the official docs and saw the below. With that in mind, I created a dummy folder in computer, copy a file into it, and then dragged and dropped that folder into my Google Drive. Zapier then catches the folder and it correctly list all of the folders afterwards in the “Trigger” set up page.

So looks like you need to trigger the trigger at least once for it to work properly!

All good now. Thanks for all the tips. 


Why can't I see my desired folder in the dropdown menu?

Google Drive requires you to be the owner of a given folder in order for you to be able to interact with this folder in Zapier, such as by uploading a file to the folder or triggering on a new file added to that folder.

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Hi there @ckur001 and @215carlos 👋

Thank you both so much for following up here to share the solutions you implemented. I’m sure other folks coming across this thread will find them helpful! 🤗

Sounds like everything is all squared away for now, but if anything changes on that please do reach back out in the Community to let us know. 

In the meantime, happy Zapping! ⚡