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Cannot connect to Pipedrive

  • 21 April 2023
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Hi Zapier Community,


I am in the process of switching from Hubspot to Pipedrive and wanted to use Zapier to move some information. However, everytime i connect Pipedrive to Zapier, I the connection fails and shows as expired.

I have been using Zapier for a while now, and never came across this type of issue.

On Pipedrive’s side, the Zapier app is installed on their marketplace as well. They have ensured me that the problem comes from Zapier. 


I have tried removing and retesting the connection without success. Note that I am still on free trial on Pipedrive (I have asked if it was an issue to access the API and they said no). 

Anyone aware of this issue? 

Appreciate it,



Best answer by Souska 24 April 2023, 04:38

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Hey there @Souska. Welcome to the Community! 🙂

So sorry to hear of the troubles in connecting to Pipedrive here. I took a look but couldn’t see any other reports of this behaviour with the Pipedrive app.

How are you creating the connection is it by installing the Zapier app from their marketplace?

If so, I wonder if that might be the issue. As their own documentation seems to suggest that the connection needs to be added via Zapier and I’m not seeing any mention of the Zapier app in their marketplace.

Could you try uninstalling the Zapier app from within Pipedrive? Then head back to your Zapier account to add a new Pipedrive account connection. I’m hoping that will help to get the Zapier connecting to your Pipedrive account successfully.

Please do keep us updated on how that goes, keen to help get to the bottom of this!

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Hi Sam!

Thanks a lot for your fast and helpful reply. 


As it turns out, the issue came from the token generated from Pipedrive. Regenerating it helped solve this issue. 

As an FYI from your suggestion, I had installed Pipedrive through Zapier, and that led to it being installed on Pipedrive’s Marketplace!


Thanks a lot!


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Ah I see, thanks for clarifying that @Souska! Really pleased you were able to fix it by regenerating the authentication token from within Pipedrive. Great work on that! 🙌 🎉 

And thank you so much for hopping back here to share your solution with the Community. It’s most appreciated! 😁

Hello All. I’m having an issue getting Zapier to connect to my Pipedrive as well.

I have uninstalled, and reinstalled everywhere I can find. 

I keep getting an error that says “This Auth is Expired. Please Reconnect Here.”

I click to reconnect, and nothing happens.

Please help!

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Hi there @Kris_FriendlyNeighborhoodSolar,

I’m so sorry for the late response here.

Are you still running into this issue? If so, please let us know and we’re happy to troubleshoot further.