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Cannot cancel the authorization with LearnWorlds

  • 18 January 2023
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I wanted to connect my client’s Zapier account to their LearnWorlds account.

In a browser window I was logged into their Zapier AND their LearnWorlds account. But instead of connecting to my client’s LearnWorlds account, Zapier connected to my personal LearnWorlds account.

It had asked for authorization to connect, which I granted, but then I realized it was connected to MY LearnWorlds account. 

I removed the App Connection, but every time I want to install it anew it will go to the Account Window for MY LearnWorlds account. Logging in with my credentials for the Client’s LearnWorlds account is not accepted. The popup expects me to put in the details for my own LW account.

I have used different browsers, cleared cookies, browser for Zapier as well as LearnWorlds, but it still goes to my account. 

I noticed help info that you can connect multiple accounts of the same app to Zapier, but it is NOT working. There it also says that once an authorization is given you can remove that authorization by clearing cookies etc, but it is not working. I found it on this page:

Also, in my personal LW account I see the connection with my client’s Zapier but I cannot remove it.

Any help is appreciated. This has been very frustrating and both LW and Zapier only offer email help which takes forever.


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Hi @Sobati, welcome to the Community!

I can see that you’ve been in touched with the Zapier support team who recommended what I would have, which is to try using an incognito window in a browser. 

It looks like you were able to get to the bottom of things and it was related to permissions on the LearnWords account, is that right? Let us know if you still need some help here!



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Hello Danvers,

Thank you for your quick response.

Yes the issue was on the LearnWorlds side. For future reference I will describe what caused it so other people don’t have to spend time on such an unnecessary issue.

LearnWorlds distinguishes two types of Admins. Admin and LearnWorlds Admin. The latter is called School Owner in the LearnWorlds backend.

Apparently only the School Owner or LearnWorlds Admin can create a connection with Zapier.