Can't trace what account active zap is coming from

  • 18 December 2023
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Hey guys,


I’m having trouble tracing back what Zapier account is responsible for sending out a Zap that my email address to send the email.


The Zap involves sending an email after a Facebook Lead Ads form being triggered.


However, when I log into any Zapier accounts that could be associated with running this Zap, I can't find ANY history, though it continues to send Zaps whenever we get Facebook Leads. 


Is there any way to trace what account is sending the Zaps, or disconnect the Zaps?



1 reply

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Hi @digitalintuitionmarketing 

Perhaps you used a different email address for your Zapier account.

Did you sign in via Google or a different app?

Did someone else configure the automation for you? (ask them)